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You can download Lite versions of MicroFEM, MLU, SchlumBG and FlowNet (DOS) from this page. These are fully functional versions with a reduced capacity compared to the full version.

ProductFileSize (kB)Description
version 4.10 LT
MicroFEM LT.zip1847MicroFEM Version 4.10.77 LT (July 2020). Includes Optimization tool. The LT version capacity is reduced to two aquifers and 2500 nodes per layer
microfem.pdf424Fact sheet
update.txt19Free updates and Version history
microfem-user.pdf432Short user's guide
introducing-microfem.pdf807A simple MicroFEM course for starters (10 lessons)
microfem-tutorial.pdf910MicroFEM Tutorial (December 2010). Or download the Dutch tutorial (953 kB): microfem-tutorial-NL.pdf
mfem2av.zip213MicroFEM ArcView extension (December 2002)
fem2grid.zip1209MicroFEM export utility for Modflow and Surfer
fth-read.zip71Excel-based FTH-file reader utility
dryrewet.zip118Test for drying and rewetting of an aquifer
spiral.zip141Flowlines in two-layer anisotropic model
cane.zip5Carrera-Neuman calibration test model
benchmark.zip346Nine testcases that compare MicroFEM, MODFLOW, MLAEM and MLU results
civil-eng.pdf429Groundwater Models as Civil Engineering Tools.
Or download the extended version (7 p. 1.14 MB): civil-eng-ext.pdf
surface-grw.pdf164Modelling the Interaction of Surface-water and Groundwater Flow. Or download the extended version (15 p. 3.13 MB): surface-grw-ext.pdf
version 2.25 LT
MLU LT.zip2043MLU for Windows, with Help file and examples.
Version 2.25.77 LT (January 2020).
mlu.pdf253MLU Fact sheet
mlu-user.pdf903MLU User's guide
mlu-tutorial.pdf2864MLU Tutorial - Modeling with MLU.
Applying the multilayer approach to aquifer test analysis
update.txt10Free updates and Version history
mlu.pps2584MLU powerpoint presentation
DMA-analysis.pdf858Durham Model Aquifer - Pumping test in a trench (March 2018)
SchlumBG WIN version 2.20 LTschlumbg-lt.zip648SchlumBG for Windows version 2.20 LT.
version 5.12 LT
flownet.zip103the DOS program FlowNet vs. 5.12 LT,

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For licensed users to download an update of MicroFEM, MLU or SchlumBG.

There is a separate list to download
Publications on Groundwater whirls

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